Better Forecasting, Healthy Employees and Higher Adoption of Your Proven Best Practices

Discover how to get work done faster and safer.

Unprecedented View Into Team Performance


Objective physical work requirements tied to production and safety outcomes

Utilizing and off the shelf Apple Watch, FactorWear is a wearable application that allows you to visualize the relationship between the physical requirements of a team, worksite constraints, and measurable outcomes-such as daily production and accident or injury rates.

Estimate and Quote Work with Less Risk

Too often projects are estimated and quoted without understanding the true physical requirements to do the work. With FactorWear you will know exactly what is required and the advantages of applying alternative work methods. This competitive advantage both reduces risk and provides an accurate reflection of the resources needed to do the work.

FactorWear allows me and our team to see our operations in an entirely new light. We view this technology and partnership as a long term competitive advantage for us and our customers.

Bruce Baxter | Cupertino Electric

Accelerate Best Practice Adoption

It is one thing to have best practices or work methods. It is another thing to have them adopted consistently. With FactorWear you have the facts to share with your team. Accelerate production and safety requirements, site constraints and production outcomes.

Reward Adoption of Safe Work Practices

There are good, better and best ways to get work done.

With FactorWear you can quickly and easily set up your own custom experiments comparing work methods that protect your people. Set up side by side tests to understand how pulling, walking, bending, work vigor and hand position are impacted by work methods, customer constraints and material placement.

Nothing is more important than protecting those closest to the work. With FactorWear you will have your own facts to demonstrate what works and how to best protect your employees today and for years to come.

Provide Verifiable Proof of Safe Labor Related Purchase Orders

Perhaps you need to prove to an owner or a contractor that work was physically done. With FactorWear you can use a combination of indisputable wearable information and video verification to demonstrate the work and value delivered.

How We Help 

Executive Leadership

By tightening cultural alignment- organizations win more profitable work, retain top talent and see higher team production performance.

Safety Executives

Dramatically higher, healthy engagement in critical safety systems reduces the risk of Serious Injury or Death in the workplace.

Site and Project Leadership

Better daily planning reduces rework, lower incident rates and improves delivery.

Those Closest to the Work

Our job is to help you get those closest to the work – safely home.