Discover the hidden factors that influence risk, safety and performance

Learn how to get work done faster and safer.

Your team deserves and requires better safety, production and risk metrics.

Parallel innovations and advancements in mobile technology, video analysis, wearable sensors and data science provide fresh new ways to address your most challenging risk and production challenges.

Through a combination of highly effective SaaS products, mobile technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing, FactorLab provides our customers a unique way to avoid catastrophic risks, serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Our services are carefully designed to be adopted and utilized by those closest to the work. We strongly believe those who do the work need the most protection and often have the best answers to the most vexing of safety, risk and production challenges.

Innovative Applications Based in Scientific Reasoning and Evidence

Our applications use science to engage your team in the methods and incident prevention systems that prove to be most effective. Our customers are proud of their commitment to a high performing culture and strong safety defense systems.


Safety and Risk Application

SmartTagIt is designed to help organizations reduce the risk of catastrophic unplanned safety and risk events in the workplace.

Through a combination of innovations in mobile collaboration and data science this incredibly simple application delivers remarkable, specifically targeted, risk and safety insights.


Helping businesses understand what is physically required to meet their goals.

Utilizing the Apple Watch, FactorWear is a wearable application that measures the relationship between the physical human effort required, worksite constraints, and measurable outcomes—such as daily production and accident or injury rates.

Since partnering with FactorLab, we’ve had a 25% Reduction in accidents and injuries and 30% more man hours worked year over year.

Dan Saddler – Structure Tone Southwest

You are Sitting on a Gold Mine of Insights

It is likely your team is already providing you the insight you need to reduce risk, drive a wedge between you and your competitors and to cut costs. Let us help you discover those hidden opportunities and put them to work.

Culture / Commitment

Rapid Continuous Improvement Requires Nimble Digital Partners

FactorLab provides the digital services required for rigorous analysis and effective action related to risk, safety and productivity improvement challenges.

Our customers are deeply committed to eliminating serious injuries, catastrophic unplanned events and finding opportunities for continuous improvement in the workplace.

Read our new paper on how to combine planning conversations and machine learning to radically lower injury rates.

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We are passionate about helping organizations better understand the hidden factors that influence risk, safety and production decisions

FactorLab Vision

You will get your work done in half the time and no one will die in the process.

This reality comes with discovering and leveraging currently hidden insights and sources of competitive advantage.

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